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tag's only action is to suppress an automatic line break when the cur-
rent line reaches the right margin.
In addition, you might think this tag is needed only to suppress line
breaks for phrases, not for a sequence of characters without spaces that
can exceed the browser window's display boundaries. Today's browsers
do not hyphenate words automatically, but someday soon they probably
will. It makes sense to protect any break-sensitive sequences of charac-
ters with the <nobr> tag.
4.6.3. The <wbr> Tag (Extension)
The <wbr> tag is the height of text-layout finesse, offered as an exten-
sion by Internet Explorer, but not any others. Used with the <nobr> tag,
<wbr> advises Internet Explorer when it may insert a line break in an
otherwise nonbreakable sequence of text. Unlike the <br> tag, which al-
ways causes a line break, even within an <nobr> -tagged segment, the
<wbr> tag works only when placed inside an <nobr> -tagged content seg-
ment and causes a line break only if the current line has already exten-
ded beyond the browser's display window margins.
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