HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 4-14 illustrates the effects of the clear attribute when the
browser renders the following HTML fragment:
<img src="kumquat.gif" align=left>
This text should wrap around the image, flowing between the
image and the right margin of the document.
<br clear=left>
This text will flow as well, but will be below the image,
extending across the full width of the page. There will be
whitespace above this text and to the right of the image.
Figure 4-14. Clearing images before resuming text flow
after the <br> tag
Inline images are just thatnormally in line with text, but usually only a
single line of text. Additional lines of text flow below the image, unless
that image is specially aligned by right or left attribute values for
the <img> tag (similarly for <table> ). Hence, the clear attribute for the
<br> tag works only in combination with left- or right-aligned images or
tables. [ <img>, 5.2.6 ] [ The align attribute (deprecated), ]
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