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The results are shown in Figure 4-13 .
Figure 4-13. Give lyrics their breaks (<br>)
Also notice how the <br> tag simply causes text to start a new line, and
the browser, when encountering the <p> tag, typically inserts some ver-
tical space between adjacent paragraphs. [ <p>, 4.1.2 ] The clear attribute
Normally, the <br> tag tells the browser to stop the current flow of text
immediately and resume at the left margin of the next line or against the
right border of a left-justified inline graphic or table. Sometimes you'd
rather the current text flow resume below any tables or images currently
blocking the left or right margin.
HTML 4 and XHTML provide that capability with the clear attribute for
the <br> tag. It can have one of three values left , right , or all each re-
lated to one or both of the margins. When the specified margin or mar-
gins are clear of images, the browser resumes the text flow.
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