HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
The following HTML source example illustrates some of the various phys-
ical tags as rendered by Firefox (see Figure 4-12 ):
Explicitly <b>boldfaced</b>, <i>italicized</i>, or
<tt>teletype-style</tt> text should be used
Otherwise, drink <strike>lots</strike> 1x10<sup>6</sup>
drops of H<sub><small><small>2</small></small></sub>O.
Figure 4-12. Use physical text tags with caution
4.5.16. Allowed Content
Any physical style tag may contain any item allowed in text, including
conventional text, anchors, images, and line breaks. You can also com-
bine physical style tags with other content-based tags.
4.5.17. Allowed Usage
You can use any physical style tag anywhere you can use an item al-
lowed in text. In general, this means anywhere within a document, ex-
cept in the <title> , <listing> , and <xmp> tags. You can use a physical
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