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4.5.9. The <sup> Tag
The <sup> tag and its </sup> end tag superscript the enclosed text; it
gets displayed half a character's height higher, but in the same font and
size as the current text flow. This tag is useful for adding footnotes to
your documents, along with exponential values in equations. When you
use it in combination with the <a> tag, you can create nice, hyperlinked
The larval quat
weevil<a href="footnotes.html#note74"><sup><small>74</small></sup></a> is a
This example assumes that footnotes.html contains all your footnotes,
appropriately delimited as named document fragments.
4.5.10. The <tt> Tag
Like the <code> and <kbd> tags, the <tt> tag and its necessary </tt> end
tag direct the browser to display the enclosed text in a monospaced
typeface. For those browsers that already use a monospaced typeface,
this tag may make no discernible change in the presentation of the text.
4.5.11. The <u> Tag (Deprecated)
This tag tells the browser to underline the text contained between
the <u> and the corresponding </u> tag. The underlining technique is
simplistic, drawing the line under spaces and punctuation as well as
the text. This tag is deprecated in HTML 4 and XHTML, but the popular
browsers support it.
The same display effects for the <u> tag are better achieved by using
stylesheets, covered in Chapter 8 .
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