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4.4.2. The <acronym> Tag
The <acronym> tag indicates that the enclosed text is an acronym, an ab-
breviation usually formed from the first letter of each word in a name or
phrase, such as HTML and IBM. Like <abbr> , not all browsers change the
display of the <acronym> content-based style tag's enclosed text.
4.4.3. The <cite> Tag
The <cite> tag usually indicates that the enclosed text is a bibliographic
citation, such as a book or magazine title. By convention, the citation
text is rendered in italics. See Figure 4-7 for how Internet Explorer
renders this source text:
While kumquats are not mentioned in Melville's
<cite>Moby Dick</cite>, it is nonetheless apparent
that the mighty cetacean represents the bitter
"kumquat-ness" within every man. Indeed, when Ahab
spears the beast, its flesh is tough, much like the noble fruit.
Figure 4-7. Internet Explorer renders <cite> in italics
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