HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Content-Based Style Tags
Alter the appearance of text based upon the
meaning, context, or usage of the text
class , dir , id , lang , onClick , onDblClick ,
onKeyDown , onKeyPress , onKeyUp , onMouseDown ,
onMouseMove , onMouseOut , onMouseOver ,
onMouseUp , style , title
End tags Never omitted
Used in
4.4.1. The <abbr> Tag
First introduced in HTML 4.0, the <abbr> tag indicates that the enclosed
text is an abbreviated form of a longer word or phrase. The browser
might use this information to change the way it renders the enclosed text
or substitute alternative text. Notice that we said might not all of the pop-
ular browsers currently do anything to the text enclosed by the <abbr>
tag, and we can't predict how other browsers will implement the tag in
the future.
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