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4.2.2. Appropriate Use of Headings
It's often good form to repeat your document's title in the first heading
tag because the title you specify in the <head> of your document doesn't
appear in the user's main display window. The following HTML segment
is a good example of repeating the document's title in the header and in
the body of the document:
<title>Kumquat Farming in North America</title>
<h3>Kumquat Farming in North America</h3>
Perhaps one of the most enticing of all fruits is the...
Typically, the browser places the <title> text along the top of the main
display. It may also place the title elsewhere in the document window
and use it to create bookmarks or favorites entries, all of which vaguely
are somewhere on the user's desktop. The level-three title heading in
this example, on the other hand, will always appear at the very begin-
ning of the document display. It serves as a visible title to the document,
regardless of how the browser handles the <title> tag's contents. And,
unlike the <title> text, the heading title gets printed at the beginning of
the first page should the user elect to print the document, because it is
part of the main text.[ <title>, 3.7.2 ]
In our example, we chose to use a level-three heading ( <h3> ) whose
rendered font typically is just a bit larger than the regular document
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