HTML and CSS Reference
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<cite> , <code> , <dfn> , <em> , <kbd> , <samp> , <strong> , and <var> ). If any
other element occurs within the paragraph, it implies that the paragraph
has ended, and the browser assumes that the closing </p> tag was not
specified. Allowed paragraph usage
You may specify a paragraph only within a block , along with other para-
graphs, lists, forms, and preformatted text. In general, this means that
paragraphs can appear where a flow of text is appropriate, such as in
the body of a document, in an element in a list, and so on. Technically,
paragraphs cannot appear within a header, anchor, or other element
whose content is strictly text-only. In practice, most browsers ignore
this restriction and format the paragraph as a part of the containing ele-
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