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Figure 3-4. The <ins> and <del> tags in action The cite attribute
The cite attribute lets you document the reasons for the insertion or
deletion. Its value must be a URL that points to some other document
that explains the inserted/deleted text. How a browser treats cite is a
question for the future. The datetime attribute
Although the reason for the change is important, knowing when a
change was made is often more important. The datetime attribute for
the <ins> and <del> tags takes a single value: a specially encoded date
and timestamp. The rigorous format for the datetime value is YYYY-MM-
DDThh:mm:ssTZD . The components are:
YYYY is the year, such as 1998 or 2010.
MM is the month; 01 for January through 12 for December.
DD is the day; 01 through 31.
T is a required character designating the beginning of the time
segment of the stamp.
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