HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Function Defines the document body
alink , background , bgcolor , bgproperties ,
class , dir , id , lang , leftmargin , link , onBlur ,
onClick , onDblClick , onFocus , onKeyDown ,
onKeyPress , onKeyUp , onLoad , onMouseDown ,
onMouseMove , onMouseOut , onMouseOver ,
onMouseUp , onUnload , style , text , title , top-
margin , vlink
</body> ; may be omitted in HTML
End tag
Used in
Anything between the beginning <body> and end </body> tags is called
body content . The simplest document might have only a sequence of text
paragraphs within the <body> tag. More complex documents might include
heavily formatted text, graphical figures, tables, and a variety of special
Because the browser can infer the position of the <body> and </body> tags,
they can safely be omitted from an HTML, but not an XHTML, document.
Like the <html> and <head> tags, we recommend that you include both
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