HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
er detail in other, more appropriate sections and chapters of this topic.
Briefly, the special header tags are:
<base> and <link>
Define the current document's base location and relationship to
other documents. [ <base>, 6.7.1 ] [ <link>, 6.7.2 ]
Deprecated in HTML 4, the <isindex> tag at one time could be used
to create automatic document indexing forms, allowing users to
search databases of information using the current document as a
querying tool. [ <isindex>, 6.6.1 ]
Not supported in HTML 4 or XHTML, the <nextid> tag tried to make
creation of unique labels easier when using document automation
tools. [ <nextid>, 6.8.2 ]
Provides additional document data not supplied by any of the other
<head> tags.[ <meta>, 6.8.1 ]
Defines methods by which the browser can render nonstandard ob-
jects.[ <object>, 12.2.1 ]
Defines one or more scripts that elements within the document can
invoke.[ <script>, 12.3.1 ]
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