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H.3.2.2. Combining <layer> and <ilayer>
Anything you can create with a regular layer you can use within an inline
layer. However, bear in mind that the top and left attribute offsets are
indeed from the <ilayer> content's allotted position, not from the docu-
ment display space. Accordingly, use <ilayer> to position content inline
with the conventional HTML document flow, and use <layer> to position
elements and content precisely in the document display space.
Also (and fortunately), Netscape 4 does not distinguish between <ilay-
er> and <layer> tags when it comes to order of appearance. You may
declare that an <ilayer> appear below some <layer> by using the name
and above attributes:
<layer name=me>I'm on top</layer>
<ilayer above=me>I'm on the bottom</ilayer>
Similarly, you can reorder the appearance of both absolute and inline
layers where they overlap by assigning z-index attribute values to the
various elements. Nesting rules apply, too.
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