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H.3.2.1. The top and left attributes
The only attributes that distinguish the actions of the <ilayer> tag from
its <layer> sibling are top and left : Netscape 4 renders <ilayer> con-
tent directly in the containing text flow, offset by the top and left at-
tribute values from the upper-left corner of that inline positionnot the
document's upper-left display corner, as with <layer> . Netscape 4 also
accepts negative values for the top and left attributes of the <ilayer>
tag, letting you shift the contents above and to the left of the current
For example, to subscript, superscript, or shift words within the current
line, you could use:
This <ilayer top=4>word</ilayer> is shifted down, while
this <ilayer left=10>one</ilayer> is shifted over. With a negative
value, words can be moved <ilayer top=-4>up</ilayer> and to
the <ilayer left=-10>left</ilayer>.
Figure H-12 shows the resulting effects. Notice how the shifted words
overlap and obscure the surrounding text. Netscape 4 makes no effort
to make room for the shifted elements; they are simply placed in a dif-
ferent spot on the page.
Figure H-12. Moving inline layers with respect to the
adjacent text (Netscape 4 only)
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