HTML and CSS Reference
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<layer> (Antiquated)
Function Defines a layer of content within a document
above , background , below , bgcolor , class , clip ,
left , name , src , style , top , visibility , width ,
</layer> ; never omitted
End tag
Used in
Regardless of its origin, Netscape 4 formats a layer's content exactly like
a conventional document, except that the result is contained within that
separate layer, apart from the rest of your document. You control the po-
sition and visibility of this layer using the attributes of the <layer> tag.
Layers can be nested, too. Nested layers move with the containing layer
and are visible only if the containing layer itself is visible.
H.3.1.1. The name attribute
If you plan on creating a layer and never referring to it, you needn't give
it a name. However, if you plan to stack other layers relative to the cur-
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