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[*] To be exact, each column is ( w - g ( n - 1))/ n pixels wide, where w is the width of the <multicol>tag ,
g is the width of a gutter, and n is the number of columns. Thus, using <multicol cols=3 gut-
ter=10 width=500> creates columns that are 160 pixels wide.
Figure H-7 shows the effects of adding width= "75%" to our column ex-
ample, retaining the default gutter width of 10 pixels.
Figure H-7. Changing the width of <multicol> columns
(Netscape 4 only)
If your columns include images or other fixed-width elements, be careful
when you reduce their size. Netscape 4 does not wrap text around im-
ages that extend beyond the boundaries of a column. Instead, the im-
age covers the adjacent columns, ruining your document.
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