HTML and CSS Reference
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<img src=small.gif width= n height=1>
Replace n with the desired pixel width. Keep in mind, however, that the
width of the <img> tag is fixed and may not integrate into the text flow
exactly like the <spacer> tag would, especially if the <img> tag falls at or
near the end of a line of text.
To emulate a vertical spacer of the form:
<spacer type=vertical size= n >
use this HTML fragment:
<img src=small.gif width=1 height= n >
The <br> tags are needed in the example to emulate the line-breaking
behavior of the vertical spacer. Again, replace n with the desired height.
To emulate a block spacer of the form:
<spacer type=block width= w height= h align= a >
use this <img> tag:
<img src=small.gif width= w height= h align= a >
Replace w , h , and a with the desired width, height, and alignment values.
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