HTML and CSS Reference
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Figure H-3. Using a block spacer to create space in a
document (Netscape 4 only)
H.1.2. Mimicking the <spacer> Tag
Because only Netscape versions 4 and earlier support the <spacer> tag,
other browsers ignore it, ruining your carefully contrived layout. We
strongly suggest that you instead use the CSS standard text-indent
property for identical results.
You might also emulate the <spacer> tag with the <img> tag and a spe-
cial, small image. This way, you can achieve <spacer> -like effects even
with browsers that don't support CSS. For an image to emulate <spacer> ,
you'll need a GIF that is completely transparent. Because no part of the
image is ever seen, you can make it as small as you want; we recom-
mend a 1 x 1-pixel GIF image. In the following examples, our tiny 1 x
1-pixel transparent image is named small.gif .
To emulate a horizontal spacer of the form:
<spacer type=horizontal size= n >
use this <img> tag:
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