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(oh, OK, try size=100000000 ). Most of today's monitors have a vertical
scan of no more than 1,024 lines, so a vertical pixel size value of 1,025
ensures that the next line of text is placed off the user's screen, if that
is the effect you desire.
Vertical spacers aren't quite as common as horizontal spacers, but they
can still be useful. In the following text, we've used a vertical spacer to
provide a bit more separation between the document's header and the
regular text:
<h1 align=right>Temperature Effects</h1>
<spacer type=vertical size=50>
The effects of cooler weather on the kumquat's ripening process
vary based upon the temperature. Temperatures above 28&deg;
sweeten the fruit, while four or more hours below 28&deg; will
damage the tree.
Figure H-2 shows the results.
Figure H-2. Using a vertical spacer to separate a header
from the text (Netscape 4 only)
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