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Figure H-1. Indenting a paragraph with a horizontal
spacer (Netscape 4 only)
Of course, you also can use horizontal spacers to insert additional space
between letters or words in a line of text. This might be useful for dis-
playing poetry or specialized ad copy. But don't use a spacer to cre-
ate an indented block of textyou cannot predict the size of the user's
browser window, font sizes, and so forth, and, hence, where it will break
a particular line of text. Instead, use the <blockquote> tag or adjust the
paragraph's left margin with an appropriate style.
H.1.1.2. Creating vertical space
You may insert extra whitespace between lines of text and paragraphs
in your documents by setting the type attribute in the <spacer> tag to
vertical . You also must include the size attribute. Make its value a pos-
itive integer equal to the amount of whitespace, in pixels.
The vertical spacer acts just like the <br> tag. Both tags cause an im-
mediate line break. The difference is that with the vertical spacer, you
control how far below the current line of text Netscape 4 should start the
subsequent line. The whitespace is added toand therefore is never less
thanthe normal amount of space that would appear below the current
line of text as a result of the paragraph's line spacing.
Because HTML pages are infinitely tall, the vertical space may be any
number of pixels high. Of course, it'd be sophomoric to be excessive
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