HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
H.1. Creating Whitespace
One of the simplest elements in any page design is the empty space sur-
rounding content. Empty space is often just as important to the look and
feel of a page as the areas filled with text and images. Commonly known
as whitespace , these empty areas shape and contain the content of your
Native HTML has no way to create empty space on your page, short of us-
ing a <pre> tag filled with blank lines or an empty image. In fact, browser-
sacting according to the HTML/XHTML standardsremove leading, trailing,
and any other extra spaces in text and ignore extra linefeeds. Netscape
4 fills this void with the <spacer> tag. [ The <br> Tag, 4.6.1 ]
H.1.1. The <spacer> Tag (Antiquated)
Use the <spacer> tag to create horizontal, vertical, and rectangular
whitespace in documents rendered by Netscape 4.
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