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Appendix F. Character Entities
The following table lists the defined standard and proposed character en-
tities for HTML and XHTML, as well as several that are nonstandard but
generally supported.
Entity names, if defined, appear for their respective characters and can
be used in the character-entity sequence &name ; to define any character
for display by the browser. Otherwise, or alternatively for named charac-
ters, use the character's three-digit numeral value in the sequence &#nnn;
to specially define a character entity. Actual characters, however, may or
may not be displayed by the browser, depending on the computer plat-
form and user-selected font for display.
Not all 256 characters in the International Organization for Standardiza-
tion (ISO) character set appear in the table. Missing ones are not recog-
nized by the browser as either named or numeric entities.
To be sure that your documents are fully compliant with the HTML 4.0
and XHTML 1.0 standards, use only those named character entities with
no entries in the Conformance column. Characters with a value of "!!!" in
the Conformance column are not formally defined by the standards; use
them at your own risk.
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