HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Delimits a complete HTML or XHTML docu-
Attributes dir
, lang , version
</html> ; may be omitted in HTML
End tag
head_tag , body_tag , frames
That said, it's considered good form to include this tag so that other
tools, particularly more mundane text-processing ones, can recognize
your document as an HTML document. At the very least, the presence of
the beginning and end <html> tags ensures that the beginning or the end
of the document has not inadvertently been deleted. Besides, XHTML re-
quires the <html> and </html> tags.
Between <html> and </html> are the document's head and body. Within
the head, you'll find tags that identify the document and define its place
within a document collection. Within the body is the actual document
content, defined by tags that determine the layout and appearance of
the document text. As you might expect, the document head is contained
within <head> and </head> tags and the body is within <body> and </body>
tags, all of which we define in more detail later in this chapter. [*]
[*] For the special HTML/XHTML frame document, a <frameset> tag replaces the <body> tag; more
about this in Chapter 11 .
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