HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
With separate borders,
hides empty cells in a
empty-cells hide | show
Determines whether an ele-
ment floats to the left or
right, allowing text to
wrap around it or be dis-
played inline (using none ).
left | none | right
Sets all font attributes
for an element; value is
any of the values for
font-style , font-variant ,
font-weight , font-size ,
line-height , and font-fam-
ily , in that order.
Defines the font for an
element, either as a spe-
cific font or as one of
the generic fonts serif ,
sans-serif , cursive ,
fantasy , and monospace .
font-family List of font names
xx-small | x-small |
small | medium | large
| x-large | xx-large |
larger | smaller |
length | percent
Defines the font size.
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