HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
The keyword url , immediately followed (no spaces) by a left par-
enthesis, followed by a URL optionally enclosed in single or double
quotes, followed by a matching right parenthesis. For example:
is a valid URL value.
Finally, some values are lists of other values and are described as a "list
of" some other value. In these cases, a list consists of one or more of
the allowed values, separated by commas.
If several different values are allowed for a property, these alternative
choices are separated by pipes ( | ).
If the standard defines a default value for the property, that value is un-
derlined .
angle | left-side |
far-left | left |
center-left | center |
center-right | right |
far-right | right-side
Determines the position
around the listener at
which a sound is played.
Composite property for the
background-attachment ,
background-color ,
background-image ,
background-position , and
background-repeat proper-
ties; value is any of these
properties' values, in any
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