HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Provide a list of header cell IDs associated
with this cell.
headers= list
height= n
Define the height, in pixels, for this cell.
Do not automatically wrap and fill text in this
rowspan= n
Have this cell straddle n adjacent rows.
Define the scope of this header cell row , col ,
rowgroup , or colgroup .
scope= scope
Vertically align this cell's contents to the top ,
center , bottom , or baseline of the cell.
valign= position
Set the width of this cell to n pixels or a per-
centage of the table width.
width= n
<thead> ... </thead>
Define a table heading.
Define the horizontal text alignment in the
heading left , center , right , or justify .
align= position
Specify the cell alignment character for
heading cells.
char= char
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