HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Define where table borders are displayed bor-
der (default), void , above , below , hsides , lhs ,
rhs , vsides , or box .
frame= type
height= n
Define the height of the table in pixels.
Specify the horizontal space, in pixels, added
at the left and right of the table.
hspace= n
Suppress text wrapping in table cells.
Determine where inner dividers are drawn all
(default), groups (only around row and
column groups), rows , cols , or none .
rules= edges
summary= string
Provide a summary description of this table.
Align text in the table to the top , center , bot-
tom , or baseline .
valign= position
Specify the vertical space, in pixels, added at
the top and bottom of the table.
vspace= n
Set the width of the table to n pixels or a
percentage of the window width.
width= n
<tbody> ... </tbody>
Create a row group within a table.
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