HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Specify the URL of the source of the quoted
cite= url
Same as <strike> ; the enclosed text is struck
through with a horizontal line.
<s> ... </s>
<samp> ... </samp>
The enclosed text is a sample.
<script> ... </script> Define a script within a document.
Specify the character set used to encode the
charset= encoding
Defer execution of this script.
Specify the language used to create the
language= encoding
Provide the URL of the document containing
the script.
src= url
type= encoding
Specify the MIME type of the script.
Define a multiple-choice menu or scrolling
list within a <form> , containing one or more
<option> tags.
<select> ... </select>
Disable this control, making it inactive.
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