HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Align the text within the paragraph to left ,
center , or right .
align= type
<param> ... </param>
Supply a parameter to a containing <applet> . *
Define the unique identifier for this paramet-
id= name
name= name
Define the name of the parameter.
type= type
Specify the MIME type of the parameter.
value= string
Define the value of the parameter.
Define the type of the value attribute, either
as data , ref (the value is a URL pointing to
the data), or object (the value is the name of
an object in this document).
valuetype= type
Render the enclosed text in its original, pre-
formatted style, honoring line breaks and
spacing verbatim.
<pre> ... </pre>
Size the text, if possible, so that n characters
fit across the display window.
width= n
The enclosed text is an inline quotation (not
supported by Internet Explorer).
<q> ... </q>
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