HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
bgcolor= color
Set the background color of the marquee.
Specify a style class controlling the appear-
ance of this tag.
class= name
Define the direction, left or right , in which
the text is to scroll.
direction= dir
Define the height, in pixels, of the marquee
height= n
Define the space, in pixels, to be inserted to
the left and right of the marquee.
hspace= n
Set the number of times to animate the mar-
quee; value is an integer or infinite .
loop= value
Set the number of pixels to move the text for
each scroll movement.
scrollamount= value
Specify the delay, in milliseconds, between
successive movements of the marquee text.
scrolldelay= value
style= style
Specify an inline style for this tag.
Define the space, in pixels, to be inserted
above and below the marquee.
vspace= n
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