HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Specify a list of media types upon which this
object can be rendered.
media= list
Indicate the relationship from this document
to the target.
rel= relation
Indicate the reverse relationship from the
target to this document.
rev= relation
Specify the MIME type for the linked docu-
ment. Usually used in conjunction with links
to stylesheets, when the type is set to text/
css .
type= string
Define a map containing hotspots in a client-
side image map.
<map> ... </map>
name= name
Define the name of this map (required).
<marquee> ...
Create a scrolling-text marquee (Internet Ex-
plorer only).
Align the marquee to the top , middle , or bot-
tom of the surrounding text.
align= position
Define the marquee style to be scroll , slide ,
or alternate .
behavior= style
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