HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Align the legend to the top , bottom , left , or
right of the field set.
align= position
Delimit a list item in an ordered ( <ol> ) or un-
ordered ( <ul> ) list.
<li> ... </li>
Set the type of this list element to the de-
sired format for <li> within <ol> : A (capital
letters), a (lowercase letters), I (capital Ro-
man numerals), i (lowercase Roman numer-
als), or 1 (Arabic numerals; default); for <li>
within <ul> : circle , disc (default), or square .
type= format
value= n
Set the number for this list item to n .
Define a link between this document and an-
other document in the document <head> .
Specify the character set used to encode the
target of this link.
charset= charset
Specify the hypertext reference URL of the
target document.
HRef= url
Specify the language used for the target's
contents using a standard two-character ISO
language name.
HReflang= language
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