HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Specify the vertical space, in pixels, added at
the top and bottom of the image.
vspace= n
width= n
Specify the width of the image in pixels.
Create a push-button element within a
<form> .
<input type=button>
Define the hot-key character for this ele-
accesskey= char
Disable this control, making it inactive.
Specify the name of the parameter to be
passed to the forms-processing application if
the input element is selected (required).
name= name
Specify that this element is not part of the
tabbing order.
Specify an applet to be run when the mouse
leaves this control.
onblur= applet
Specify an applet to be run when the mouse
enters this control.
onfocus= applet
Specify this element's position in the tabbing
tabindex= n
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