HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
The enclosed text is a level- n header, for
level n from 1 to 6.
<h n > ... </h n >
Specify the heading alignment as left (de-
fault), center , or right .
align= type
Delimit the beginning and end of the docu-
ment head.
<head> ... </head>
Specify the rendering direction for texteither
left to right ( ltr ) or right to left ( rtl ).
dir= dir
Specify the language used for this tag's con-
tents using a standard two-character ISO
language name.
lang= language
Provide the URL of a profile for this docu-
profile= url
Break the current text flow and insert a hori-
zontal rule.
Specify the rule alignment as left , center
(default), or right .
align= type
Specify a style class controlling the appear-
ance of the rule.
class= name
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