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Figure 8.3. The user interface of the face relighting software.
Figure 8.4. The middle image is the input. The sequence shows synthesized results of 180°
rotation of the lighting environment.
1.4 Relighting results
We show some relighting experiment results on 2D face images in this sec-
tion. The first example is shown in Figure 8.4 where the middle image is the
input image. The radiance environment map is shown below the input image. It
is computed by assuming the back is dark since the lights mostly come from the
frontal directions. The rest of the images in the sequence show the relighting
results when the lighting environment rotates. Below each image, we show
the corresponding rotated radiance environment map. The environment rotates
about 45° between each two images, a total of 180° rotation. The accompa-
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