HTML and CSS Reference
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Figure 2.41
Prime Properties
Use a definition list to configure the FAQs. Use <dt> elements for the questions
and <dd> elements for the answers. The FAQ questions and answers are as
What amount of mortgage do I qualify for?
The total basic monthly housing cost is normally based on 29% to 41% of
your gross monthly income.
Which percentage is most often used?
The percentage used depends on the lending institution and type of financing.
How do I get started?
Contact us today to help you arrange financing for your home.
Save your page and test it in a browser. Test the hyperlink from the financing.html page
to index.html. Test the hyperlink from the index.html page to financing.html. If your
links do not work, review your work with close attention to these details:
Verify that you have saved the pages with the correct names in the correct folder.
Verify your spelling of the page names in the anchor tags.
After you make changes, test again.
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