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The service categories and descriptions are as follows:
Interior Services
If you need it painted, textured, or papered, Pasha the Painter can do it!
Exterior Services
If you need it washed, painted, stained, or just touched up, Pasha the
Painter can do it!
Pasha has the most dependable and professional painting staff in the area
and uses only quality paint.
Our design specialists are experts at applying wallpaper and other
Save your page and test it in a browser. Test the hyperlink from the services.html page
to index.html. Test the hyperlink from the index.html page to services.html. If your
links do not work, review your work with close attention to these details:
Verify that you have saved the pages with the correct names in the correct folder.
Verify your spelling of the page names in the anchor tags.
After you make changes, test again.
Prime Properties
Prime Properties is a small real estate company that specializes in residential properties.
The owner, Maria Valdez, would like a Web site to showcase her listings and provide a
point of contact for her clients, who are mainly middle-class working adults who are
looking for a home in the northwest Chicago suburbs. Maria would like a home page, a
listings page that contains information about her properties, a financing page, and a
contact page.
A site map for the Prime Properties Web site is shown in Figure 2.38.
Figure 2.38
Prime Properties site
The site map describes the architecture of the Web site, a Home page with three main
content pages: Listings, Financing, and Contact.
Figure 2.39 displays a sample page layout. It contains a site logo, a navigation area, a
content area, and a footer area for copyright information.
You have two tasks in this case study:
1. Create the Home page: index.html.
2. Create the Financing page: financing.html.
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