HTML and CSS Reference
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Figure 2.29
JavaJam menu.html
The menu items names and descriptions are as follows:
Just Java
Regular house blend, decaffeinated coffee, or flavor of the day.
Endless Cup $2.00
Cafe au Lait
House blended coffee infused into a smooth, steamed milk.
Single $2.00 Double $4.00
Iced Cappuccino
Sweetened espresso blended with icy-cold milk and served in a chilled glass.
Save your page and test it in a browser. Test the hyperlink from the menu.html page to
index.html. Test the hyperlink from the index.html page to menu.html. If your links do
not work, review your work with close attention to these details:
Verify that you have saved the pages with the correct names in the correct folder.
Verify your spelling of the page names in the anchor tags.
After you make changes, test again.
Fish Creek Animal Hospital
Magda Patel is a veterinarian and owner of the Fish Creek Animal Hospital. Her cus-
tomers are local pet owners who range in age from children to senior citizens. Magda
would like a Web site to provide information to her current and potential customers.
She has requested a home page, a services page, an ask the vet page, and a contact
A site map for the Fish Creek Animal Hospital Web site is shown in Figure 2.30.
The site map describes the architecture of the Web site, a Home page with three main
content pages: Services, Ask the Vet, and Contact.
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