HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
See Figure 2.19 for a sample Resumé page. Save your Resumé page as resume.html in
your mywebsite folder.
Figure 2.19
Sample resume.html
Test your index.html page again. This time when you click the Resumé link, your new
page should display. Use the Home link on your resume.html page to redisplay your
home page.
Create the favorites.html page. Launch Notepad or another text editor and type in the
tags found on every Web page (see Hands-On Practice 2.1). In the body of the Web
page place the following:
A heading: Favorite Sites
An unordered list that contains the following categories:
Professional Groups
A navigation bar that contains a relative link to the Home page (index.html) and
a relative link to the Resumé page (resume.html)
See Figure 2.20 for a sample Favorites page. Save your page as favorites.html in your
mywebsite folder.
Figure 2.20
Test your index.html page again and try the links between the Home page, Resumé
page, and Favorites pages. Don't worry if the links don't work perfectly the first time. If
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