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1. Add the date that the document was last modified to the bottom of the music.html
page. Launch Notepad and open the music.html page. Modify the page as follows:
In the page footer section after the e-mail link, add a script block that will
write the following message to the document:
This page was last modified on: date
Use the document.lastModified property to print the date.
2. Add alert messages to the music.html page such that an alert message will pop up
when the user places the mouse over the phrase, “music you won't want to miss”.
The alert message will indicate “Concerts sell out quickly so act fast!”. Launch
Notepad and open the music.html page. Modify the page as follows:
Add a hypertext link to the first paragraph with an onmouseover event han-
dler as follows:
<a href="#" onmouseover=
"alert('Concerts sell out quickly so act fast!');">music you
won&#39;t want to miss.</a>
Save the music.html page and test it in the browser. Figure 14.24 shows the alert message as
a user places their mouse over the hyperlinked phrase. It also shows the date last modified.
Figure 14.24
JavaJam music.html
with the mouseover
alert for performers'
descriptions and the
date last modified
Fish Creek Animal Hospital
See Chapter 2 for an introduction to the Fish Creek Animal Hospital Case Study. Figure
2.30 shows a site map for the Fish Creek Web site. The pages were created in earlier
chapters. Use the Web pages indicated in this exercise from the Chapter 9 fishcreekcss
folder. You have two tasks:
1. Add rollover images for the navigation images to each Fish Creek Web site page.
2. Add the date last modified to the home page.
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