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In-Depth Information
<dd> File Transfer Protocol is a protocol used to exchange
files between computers on the Internet. </dd>
<dt> HTTP </dt>
<dd> Hypertext Transfer Protocol is the protocol used for
exchanging text, graphic images, sound, video, and other multimedia
files on the Web. </dd>
Save your file as definitionlist.html and test it in a browser. Your page should look
similar to the one shown in Figure 2.10 and to the solution in the student files
(Chapter2/definitionlist.html). Don't worry if the word wrap is a little different—the
important formatting is that each <dt> term should be on its own line and the corre-
sponding <dd> definition should be indented under it. Try resizing your browser win-
dow and notice how the word wrap on the definition text changes.
Ordered Lists
Ordered lists use a numbering or lettering system to organize the information contained
in the list. An ordered list can be organized by the use of numerals (the default), upper-
case letters, lowercase letters, uppercase Roman numerals, and lowercase Roman
numerals. See Figure 2.11 for a sample ordered list.
Figure 2.11
Sample ordered list
Ordered lists begin with an <ol> tag and end with an </ol> tag. Each list item begins
with an <li> tag and ends with an </li> tag. The type attribute can be used to
change the symbol used for ordering the list. For example, to create an ordered list
organized by uppercase letters, use <ol type="A"> . Table 2.2 documents the type
attribute and its values for ordered lists.
Table 2.2 type attributes for ordered lists
Numerals (the default)
Uppercase letters
Lowercase letters
Roman numerals
Lowercase Roman numerals
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