HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
This chapter introduced concepts related to promoting your Web site. The activities involved in submitting
Web sites to search engines and search directories were discussed along with techniques for making your Web
site optimized for search engines. Other Web site promotion activities such as social media optimization, ban-
ner ads and newsletters were also examined. At this point, you should have an idea of what is involved in the
other side of Web site developmentā€”marketing and promotion. You can help the marketing staff by creating
Web sites that work with search engines and directories by following the suggestions in this chapter.
Visit the textbook Web site at for examples, the links listed in this
chapter, and updated information.
Key Terms
link popularity
manual checking
meta tags
pay per click (PPC)
personal recommendation
reciprocal link agreement
RSS feed
search directory
search engine
search engine optimization (SEO)
search engine results page (SERP)
search form
search index
search results
social bookmarking
social media optimization (SMO)
Web analytics
Web rings
affiliate programs
automated tools
banner ad
banner exchange
click through rate (CTR)
cost per click (CPC)
cost per impressions (CPM)
inline frame
Review Questions
Multiple Choice
1. The robot, database, and search form are compo-
nents of which of the following?
a. a search directory
b. a search engine
c. both search directories and search engines
d. none of the above
3. What is the first step in submitting your Web site
to search engines and search directories?
a. join an affiliate program
b. visit the search engine and submit your Web
c. prepare your pages for search engines by
adding description meta tags
d. none of the above
2. In which of the following sections of a Web page
should meta tags be placed in?
a. header
b. body
c. comment
d. none of the above
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