HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Add the <iframe> element in the <div> assigned to the rightcol id. The inline frame
should initially display the about.html page, have the name set to "circlesoftinfo" ,
and contain descriptive content between the <iframe> tags. For example:
<iframe src="about.html" title="About CircleSoft"
name="circlesoftinfo" >Description of the services offered by
<a href="about.html" target="_blank">Circlesoft</a></iframe>
Next, code appropriate keywords and description meta tags in the header section of the
index.html Web page. Save your index.html page in the circlesoftinline folder.
You are ready to test your inline frames page. Launch a browser and display the
index.html page. Your page should be similar to the page shown in Figure 13.11. Try
the links; they should change the contents of the inline frame. If you'd like to experi-
ment with a border-less look, add an iframes selector style rule in circlesoft.css to go
with the code that follows.
iframe {border-style: none;
The student files contain a sample solution at in the Chapter13/13.1 folder.
Focus on Accessibility
Inline frames are not supported by all browsers and assistive technologies such as screen
readers, so use them with caution. If you choose to use inline frames on your Web site,
provide alternate means of accessing the content. Consider including both a description
of the inline frame and a link to a text page between the <iframe> and </iframe>
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