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Online Sitemap generators such as will automatically create a
Sitemap file, named sitemap.xml, for you. You will need to upload the Sitemap to your
Web site and notify Google of its URL. See for
more information about Sitemaps.
There are a number of alliances between certain search engines and search directories.
The Open Directory Project ( provides directory services for a
number of search engines, including Google. Note that these alliances can change over
time. Awareness of search engine alliances will help you maximize the chances of your
Web site turning up when a search is performed.
Is advertising on a search engine worth the cost?
It depends. How much is it worth to your client to be number one out of 713,000 matches?
While costs and charges vary by search engine, at this time Google charges are based on cost
per click. You select the keywords that will trigger the display of your ad. You also set your
monthly budget and the maximum amount to pay for each click. You are charged each time a
visitor to Google clicks on your ad.
1. Describe the difference between a search engine and a search directory. Provide an
example of each.
2. Describe the three components of a search engine.
3. Is it beneficial for a business to pay for preferential listing? Explain.
13.6 Monitoring Search Listings
Although you may want your Web site to appear instantaneously in search engines and
search directories, some patience may be needed before your site appears in the SERPs.
According to, it can take two days to two weeks for a Web
site to be listed on Google. Also, be mindful that there is no guarantee when you submit
your site that it will be listed—however, it is rare that a quality Web site with content of
value is not indexed and included in search engine and search directory listings.
As your sites get listed, it becomes important to determine which keywords are work-
ing. Usually you need to fine-tune and modify your keywords over time. Here are a few
methods to determine which keywords are working:
Manual Checking. Visit search engines and type in the keywords. Assess the
results. You might consider keeping a record of the search engine, keyword, and
page ranking.
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