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Figure 12.28
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j. Configure an <h3> to display the text: Jewel-tone Basket.
k. Configure the jeweltone.jpg.
l. Next, we will add a shopping cart button to each gift item for selection. The
action on the form is the ASP script called
scripts/cart1.asp. Remember that whenever you use server-side scripts, there
will be some documentation or specifications for you to follow. This script
processes a limited shopping cart that only works with two items. Since it is
designed to function as a gift selector, no prices are displayed. The
services.html Web page will pass information to the script by using a hidden
field in the form that contains the button to invoke the script. Please pay care-
ful attention to detail when working on this.
To place the shopping cart button for the Sunny Days Basket, add the follow-
ing code below the image tag for the sunnydays.jpg graphic:
<form method="post"
<input type="hidden" name="desc1" id="desc1"
value="Sunny Days Basket" />
<input type="submit" value="Place in Cart" />
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