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<input type="hidden" name="desc2" id="desc2"
value="You Can Decorate!" />
<input type="hidden" name="cost2" id="cost2" value="19.95" />
<input type="submit" value="Add to Cart" />
This XHTML invokes a server-side script that processes a demonstration shop-
ping cart. The hidden fields named desc2 and cost2 are sent to the script
when the Submit button is clicked. These indicate the name and cost of the
m.Add a special hyperlink to the viewtrans.gif image in the logo area. This will
link to the server-side script described above in a very special way. When a vis-
itor clicks the image, the server-side script will display the contents of his or
her shopping cart. Recall that when you work with server-side scripts, they
often have special configuration needs. Place anchor tags around the image tag
to create the special hyperlink as follows:
<a href="
cart.asp?view=yes"> image tag goes here </a>
Save your page and test it in a browser. It should look similar to the one
shown in Figure 12.25. Click the Add to Cart button for the Painting Primer.
The demonstration shopping cart will display and your screen should look
similar to the one shown in Figure 12.18. Experiment with the cart and try to
purchase both items. You can go ahead and simulate placing an order, as
shown in Figure 12.19. The shopping cart and order pages are for demonstra-
tion purposes only.
Prime Properties
See Chapter 2 for an introduction to the Prime Properties case. Figure 2.38 shows a site
map for the Prime Properties Web site. The pages were created in earlier chapters. Use
the Chapter 9 primecss folder.
The owner, Maria Valdez, would like to showcase the company's services and provide
an easy way for clients to choose their thank you gift. She would like a Services page
that will briefly describe the services and offer a form for clients to select their gifts. The
new Services page, services.html, will be part of the main navigation of the site. All
pages should link to it. A revised site map is shown in Figure 12.26.
Figure 12.26
Revised Prime
Properties site map
The Services page will contain the sub-heading Services, two short paragraphs of text
about services, and the description and photograph of each gift selection. You may
access a demonstration shopping cart/ordering system provided by the textbook's Web
site. If you have access to a different shopping cart system, check with your instructor
and ask if you can use it instead.
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