HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
2. Configure navigation area. Launch Notepad and modify each existing Web page
(index.html, services.html, askvet.html, contact.html) in the fishcreekcss folder to link
to the Shop page (shop.html) in the main navigation. Add the shop.gif to the side nav-
igation bar, as shown in Figure 12.21, on each page. Configure the image to link to
shop.html. Add a text link “Shop” to shop.html in the page footer navigation area.
Figure 12.21
Revised Fish Creek
3. Confiure CSS. Before you create the Shop page (shop.html) you will configure the
CSS for the product area. Add a new style rule to your fishcreek.css external style
sheet that configures a class named shop . The shop class will contain the descrip-
tion and “Add to Cart” form. Configure the shop class to be 200 pixels wide and
to float to the left. The style rule follows:
#shop {width: 200px; float: left;}
4. Now you are ready to create the Shop page. Figure 12.22 shows a sample of the
completed page.
Figure 12.22
Fish Creek shop.html
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