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There are a number of free shopping cart scripts available on the Web. Search,, or for some
alternate solutions. The difficulty level and exact processing of these solutions vary.
Each Web site has instructions and documentation about its product. Some may require
you to register and provide you with specific XHTML code. Others may require you to
download and install the scripts on your own Web server.
PayPal ( offers shopping cart and payment verification for businesses
at a very low cost. PayPal writes the code you need to place on your Web pages to
interface with them. You only need to copy and paste it in.
A number of Adobe Dreamweaver add-ins, or extensions, provide shopping cart func-
tionality. One easy solution is JustAddCommerce (,
which allows you to configure and add shopping cart and order buttons to your pages
just as easily as you can add images and tables. Budget-wise solutions such as PayPal or
JustAddCommerce work best for businesses that fit the standard business model and do
not require special processing needs.
1. List three payment models commonly used on the Web. Which one is the most popular?
2. Have you purchased online? If so, think of the last item that you purchased. Why did
you purchase it online instead of at a store? Did you check to see if the transaction was
secure? Why or why not? How will your shopping habits be different in the future?
3. Describe three types of e-commerce solutions available. Which provides the easiest
entry to e-commerce? Explain.
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