HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
4. Choose one method of Web interactivity discussed in this chapter: JavaScript, Java
applets, DHTML, or Flash. Use the resources listed in the chapter as a starting
point, but also search the Web for additional resources on the interactivity method
you have chosen. Find either a tutorial or free download that uses the method of
Web interactivity you are researching. Create a Web page that uses the code or
download that you found. Describe the effect and list the URL of the resource on
the Web page. Place your name in an e-mail link on the Web page. Print both the
source code (from Notepad) and the browser view of the page.
Focus on Web Design
1. Ajax is a relatively new technology and there are Web design usability and accessibil-
ity issues associated with it. Visit the following sites to become aware of these issues:
Write a one-page report that describes Ajax usability issues that Web designers
should be aware of. Cite the URLs of the resources you used.
2. Read Jakob Nielson's (in)famous 2000 article about why Flash is 99 percent bad at Many years have passed, accessibility
features have been built into Flash, and a new day has dawned. Some analysts say
that Flash is 99 percent good ( In
an interview (
Mark Anders, the senior principal scientist at Adobe, recommended Flash as “a
great platform for building the next generation of rich Internet applications.”
After you review the sources listed, decide on your own opinion of Flash and when,
as a designer, you would recommend its use. Write a one-page paper that persua-
sively presents your opinion. Cite the URLs of your resources.
Adding Multimedia
Each of the following case studies continues throughout most of the text. This chapter
adds media and interactivity to the Web sites.
JavaJam Coffee House
See Chapter 2 for an introduction to the JavaJam Coffee House Case Study. Figure 2.26
shows a site map for the JavaJam Web site. The pages were created in earlier chapters.
Use the Chapter 9 javajamcss folder. You have two tasks:
1. Configure a hyperlink to an audio file on the Music page (music.html).
2. Replace the javalogo.gif with a Flash animated banner called javalogo.swf on
each page. The Flash media is 620 pixels in width and 117 pixels in length.
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