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functional at a basic level even if your visitor's browser does not support
JavaScript. A site using Ajax to redisplay a portion of the browser window may
have issues when accessed using an assistive technology or text browser. The
importance of testing cannot be overemphasized. The W3C has developed
ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications), which is a protocol that supports
accessibility for scripted and dynamic content, such as the Web applications cre-
ated using Ajax. At the time this was written, ARIA was not uniformly supported
by all commonly used browsers. See for more
information about ARIA.
When you design with multimedia/interactivity accessibility in mind, you help those
with physical challenges as well as those visitors using low bandwidth or who may have
missing plug-ins on their browser. However, if the multimedia and/or interactivity used
on a page cannot comply with accessibility guidelines, consider creating a separate text-
only version of the page. Section 508 requires this feature for sites created for use by
federal agencies.
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